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What is DynamoDB?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) created and fully manages DynamoDB, a quick NoSQL database. Although DynamoDB is frequently referred to as a key-value store, it offers much more than that. For example, it includes Streams, Global and Local Secondary Indexes, Multi-region and Multimaster replication with enterprise-grade security, as well as in-memory caching for large-scale applications.

You don't need to provision a "database" or underlying machines, in contrast to conventional RDBMS databases. Simply create a table and begin writing to and reading from it to get started. It is first web-scale and production-ready.

Due to its pay-per-use pricing structure and seamless integration with AWS Lambda and other AWS services, DynamoDB is the ideal database for Serverless apps.

Why to Use DynamoDB?

One of the most well-known NoSQL databases on the market right now is DynamoDB. Due to its capacity to expand from handling ten transactions per second to thousands of transactions per second without requiring any further code level changes on the application, it is becoming more and more popular among developers. This flexibility enables developers to create applications without worrying about the database's ability to scale once the application begins to grow.

Compared to conventional relational databases or even self-hosted databases, DynamoDB offers many advantages. With managed database service, developers may create applications of any size due to its capacity to handle heavy workloads and numerous concurrent requests.

Additionally, it adds native capabilities that make DynamoDB the ideal choice for developers:

Access Control Rules : DynamoDB supports access limits, which minimizes unauthorized access to the database while limiting which services can connect to the essential databases.

Event Stream Data : With the help of this functionality, users can get updates on database changes at the item level.

Time to Live : The removal of objects that go beyond a certain time limit is natively supported by DynamoDB. This function aids in the implementation of data retention for the objects kept in the database.

Data Redundancy : Users of DynamoDB can replicate their data across many geolocations. In the event that one AWS data center goes unavailable, this replication ensures that the data has redundancy.


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